Specialist Tools Australia has an extensive range of timing tools

The relationship between the moving parts of an engine is kept in check by the very precise timing of the engine components.
Specialist Tools has a wide array of tools for the job.
The engine timing and supply pump removal tool for the Ford/Mazda Duratorq 2.0L/ 2.2L/ 2.4L and 3.2 litre engines combination kit (SA-8033 and SA-8033A) can assist with the positioning of gears, retaining of the timing belt and holding of the supply pump gear.
The SA-8366 timing belt replacement set is said to be very comprehensive and versatile, suiting many Honda, Mazda, Hyundai and Daewoo (diesel and petrol) vehicles. This kit contains 25 different components that will lock and align the camshafts, crankshaft, tensioner etc during the removal and installation of the engine timing belt, chain and other engine servicing and repairs while removing components. It also contains a comprehensive range pulley holding and pulling tools suitable for popular Australian, Japanese and Korean applications.
When an engine is fitted with a VE type rotary fuel pump the setting is expressed as plunger lift measurement in mm at a specified point, usually ATDC (At Top Dead Centre). It is often difficult to ascertain “Top Dead Centre” before the engine or casing needs to be dismantled as this position will be critical for all other timing operations – Specialist Tools Australia’s Top Dead Centre tool (SA-5193) is a pneumatic indicator for finding top dead centre.

Measurements can be checked and set with dedicated tooling containing a dial indicator and specific adaptors like those found in Specialist Tools’ Diesel Fuel Pump Timing Set (SA-8214A) which is designed for many vehicles in Australia such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, VW, Audi and Ford. This kit contains the dial indicator, DTI bracket and probe with adaptors, Injection pump locking pin and camshaft alignment pin and locking bracket.
In the Specialised Govoni range is a number of tools for European vehicles including kits for the removal of fuel pumps, injection Fuel Pump and engine timing tools.
Amongst the range is the Audi/VW Kit with specialised components for locking the camshaft, crankshaft and fixing the chain tensioner (G310215000), while the Govoni Timing Tool Set for Fiat, Ford, Volvo, Peugeot and Citroen vehicles includes special tools for the flywheel and locking pin for the camshaft/crankshaft.
There are also many other timing tools available on Specialist Tools’ website.

For more information or assistance in finding the right tool, visit www.specialisttools.com.au or call 02 6280 4334.