Fuchs says its TITAN ATF 6400 product can service approximately 5.5 million vehicles

The Australian and New Zealand automotive market is the most complex in the world having a vastly greater number of vehicle brands and models than any other market.
The complexity of these markets flows through to the transmission fluid requirements and it’s important to have an understanding of the functions necessary to ensure optimal transmission performance and longevity.
These tasks include the cooling of the transmission, its lubrication, its protection against wear, the operation of solenoids and clutch packs, as well as managing friction during gear shifts and preventing shuddering. If one or even several of these tasks are not performed properly, the transmission will at the very least feel wrong and most likely sustain damage.
While multi-vehicle ATFs can serve a purpose towards satisfying general automatic transmission requirements across a mixed fleet of vehicles, they may not truly deliver the same level of performance as a dedicated, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Approved, Automatic Transmission Fluid, says Fuchs.
As one of the biggest OEM first-fill suppliers for transmission fluids, Fuchs says it works closely with the transmission and vehicle OEMs, as well as key industry formulation houses, to ensure its range of ATFs provide optimum protection.
Within the complexity of transmissions in this market there are dominate OEM specifications that service significant numbers of vehicles, so being able to engineer a fluid to provide more than one such OEM Approval in a single fluid provides huge benefits, says Fuchs.
It states its TITAN ATF 6400 provides OEM approved coverage for both the current mainstream GM and Ford specifications as well as validated capability to service a number of late Japanese, Korean and European requirements.
After analysing the Australian and New Zealand market, Fuchs believes the specifications of its TITAN ATF 6400 product allows it to service approximately 5.5 million vehicles*.
TITAN ATF 6400 reportedly provides exceptional anti-shudder performance, consistent and strong friction control properties validated through real-world testing of nearly 1,000,000 kilometres. It has been specially designed to deliver increased performance and fuel efficiency for modern automatic transmissions where reduced viscosity is required whilst meeting the stringent GM DEXRON-VI and Ford MERCON LV Approvals.

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*Please refer to the latest Product Data Sheet for full details, and for specific vehicle application refer to the Fuchs web and mobile oil chooser programs.