Bendix has taken its brake educational poster to the next level

Following on from the extraordinary training poster developed by Bendix to provide a deeper understanding on how the braking system works, the leading supplier says it has now taken the concept to the next level.
A visit to the Bendix website now reveals a full 3D version of the Bendix Brake System Guide which gives the user a full 360º viewing of the whole system.
This is further enhanced with up to twelve key components activated at the click of a button which can then be rotated 360º to provide a complete view of the component, providing an even deeper understanding of its role within the overall brake system.
The components highlighted include the rear caliper, rear hub assembly, rear park brake, handbrake, rear disc rotor, pedal and master cylinder, front hub assembly, front disc rotor, front brake pad, front caliper, ABS sensor and ABS module.
There is a close up image and also an explanation against each component or part on its function and how it works.
As with the poster, Bendix says the 3D version uses superb high resolution photography to great effect resulting in an amazing fully interactive training video that “will be a valuable training tool for TAFE training colleges and a wonderful asset for the trade generally where mechanics can explain to customers in a fully visual way why service work was required on the braking system.”
To view the Bendix Brake System Guide, visit and go to ‘How your Brake System Works.’
For further information, visit