Toledo is a registered brand of Tridon Australia

Founded in Sydney more than 75 years ago, Toledo has become a leading name for quality automotive hand tools.
Tridon – a proud Australian owned and operated family company since 2001 – says Toledo is trusted by professional users and is recognised for premium quality products, extensive ranges and innovative product development.
The Toledo range has grown to over 3,500 products designed to make tasks easier, faster and safer.
The range covers workshop tools, mechanical service, measuring, pulling and extracting and electrical.
Toledo also offers application lists and user guides where applicable to ensure the user has the correct tool and confidence to complete the task.
Toledo’s popular range of Timing Tools consists of uniquely designed engine timing and locking tool kits required for the servicing and repair of modern passenger vehicle engines for the Australian vehicle car parc.
Each kit has been designed to provide maximum market coverage for petrol and/or diesel vehicle applications in the servicing of timing belts, timing chains, gears and other engine repairs.
Toledo Timing Tool kits are available in master, popular and universal applications and are supported by a carefully compiled vehicle application list for correct kit selection.
The range has been developed for use with the original manufacturer’s service specifications and each kit features an OEM tool identification guide.
To keep up with industry demand, Toledo has also recently extended its specialty driveline tools for light, commercial and heavy vehicles to enable easy completion of tasks such as filling and extracting fluids, transmission and clutch repair, replacement of bushes, bearings, yokes and ball joints.
A popular addition is the new Heavy Duty Universal Joint Puller range ideal for dismantling universal joints without impact or excessive force to prevent distortion.
These pullers are available in four different sizes to suit passenger, light commercial and heavy vehicles including tractors and stationary plants.
To support the extensive tool range, Tridon says Toledo offers exceptional customer service, product and technical assistance.

For more information, visit or contact Tridon on 1300 362 263.