From the AAAA

Whether you are running a small business or managing a large company, it is important to be armed with the information you need to make informed decisions for the health and growth of your business.
The AAAA continues to invest in targeted market research and business tools for our members. Two important tools that can help your business are as follows.
The AAAA Car Parc Data Tool is arguably the most powerful, and popular member research and growth tool for the aftermarket.
It helps you better understand your target market, find new customers and grow your business. It offers national level data for manufacturers and distributors, as well as local area information for workshops and retailers.
For example, if you are a workshop looking to move to a different location, or a retail chain wanting to expand to multiple locations, the Car Parc Data tool will provide insight into the demographics of each area, and the numbers and types of vehicles within those areas to assist business decisions.
You could search for the average age and income of people in Newcastle or St Kilda, find out how many cars per household they have, the age of the Car Parc and the top models of vehicle in that area.
The Workshop Health Check is a great, easy-to-use comparison tool for workshops.
In only a few minutes you can find out how your business is tracking via a benchmarked report based on real industry data.
The AAAA says it finds this tool is a great starting place for businesses wanting to improve efficiency or start to grow their business.

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