G & G Technics designs and manufactures innovative specialist tools

G & G Technics was formed in 2003 by Glen Duffy in response to an opportunity to design and manufacture specialised automotive industry tools which enable an Automotive Technician to undertake difficult vehicle repairs quickly and efficiently.
It says the innovative and unique workshop tools were designed with the knowledge gained over 40 years of working in engineering.
G & G Technics says its quality control process ensures tools produced are of high quality, yet cost effective to end users.
Its products include:
• Harmonic Balancer Remover
• Axel Bearing Press Tool
• Hydraulic Ball Joint Separator
• Commodore V6 and Multifit Puller
• Mini Press Series 400S2 Portable Hard Press
• Ford EA-EL Bottom Ball Joint Remover and Installer
• Pulley Remover/Installer (Power Steering and Water Pumps)
• Ford Diff Support Bush; Removal and Repair Tool
• Rose (Swivel) Joint Tool Kit
• Rachet Tubing Cutter

Protected by both Australian and International Patents, G & G Technics states the tools have become very popular and are now sold by all major automotive distributors and found in “almost all” workshops Australia wide.
G & G Technics has been a long-time participant in the AAAA Trade Shows as well as other shows internationally including the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show.
Glen explains the reactions of trade show participants is testament to how successful the tools are to use and save time, stating that the most common comment it hears are “they are the best tools ever made.”
Looking to expand the distribution of the tools into the international market, G & G Technics has now established sales networks in the USA.
Currently, stock is held in a warehouse in Los Angeles and a USA based Sales Manager has been appointed, with sales continuing to grow through retail stores and online realtors.
A keen sportsman, Glen is now looking to
retire to spend more time pursuing the sports he loves including running races, mountain biking and mountain climbing. As such, the G & G Technics business is for sale and interested parties should contact Mike at Baton Advisory on

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