Premium oil for modern cars, made in Germany by Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly says it has been elected as the best lubricant brand in Germany for many years in a row.
It states that the cornerstone of this success is its high quality products, like the Top Tec motor oil series.
Liqui Moly explains that these premium oils are suited for modern cars, deliver great performance and carry official approvals from car manufacturers.
The Top Tec series are top-notch products with state-of-the-art HC base oils and powerful additive packages, says Liqui Moly, which states that all of them provide premium lubrication.
The Top Tec products are said to reduce friction and thereby safeguard from wear and lower fuel consumption; while their high shear stability gives the engine extra protection and their aging stability allows extended oil change intervals (depending on the manufacturer’s specifications).
In addition, the products feature cleaning additives to help keep deposits and contaminants off the engine and the oil system.
Today motor oil is like a fluid spare part which needs to fit precisely to a certain engine. Pouring in the wrong motor oil is like installing the wrong spare part and may result in engine problems, excessive wear and tear and even serious engine damage. Liqui Moly warns that if a car mechanic uses the wrong oil, he may be held liable for the consequences.

Each Liqui Moly Top Tec oil is reportedly developed for a specific engine technology. For instance, Liqui Moly says Top Tec 4200 is “a mighty” engine oil which combines many of the different oil specifications of the Volkswagen group, including Audi, Skoda and Seat. With this product, it says that garages serving these models would benefit from the fact that they need to keep just one oil in stock. Top Tec 4100 meanwhile is a versatile oil which covers specifications by Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Ford.
Liqui Moly says both oils listed here are just an example of its premium motor oil series and both deliver exceptional performance during the complete oil change interval, resulting in increased engine reliability and lifetime.

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