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If you’re towing a caravan, camper trailer or using the 4WD to tow a builder’s trailer, the time will come when you say “I wish I had a little more power.”
TJM says this can be achieved by increasing the size of your exhaust and creating an uninterrupted flow for the exhaust gases to escape, as this will improve the power of your diesel engine.
TJM stores stock exhaust systems from valued suppliers, including the Torqit 4WD Performance Exhaust system and the TaipanXP Vortex Exhaust system.
Torqit’s tuned performance exhaust systems are available in aluminised steel with a four-year warranty, or 304 stainless steel with a ten-year supplier warranty.
TaipanXP offer a 409 stainless steel base system with a five-year warranty as well as a premium 304 stainless system with a ten-year warranty.
If you are looking to reduce your exhaust gas temperatures, performance and power, then TJM says your local TJM store will have you covered with a package deal “that will make you sing.”

Torqit Exhaust System Key Features*:
• Two and three bolt 10mm laser cut flanges
• Internal and external welding on all flanges for extra strength
• Heavy duty wrap-around brackets
• Three-inch double braided stainless steel flex bellow
• Twin designed pyrometer fitting to suit EGT/AFR fittings
• 2mm aluminised steel
• 1.7mm 304 polished stainless steel
• Four-year warranty on aluminised systems
• 10-year warranty on stainless steel systems
• Turbo back mandrel bent systems
• Stainless/titanium coated dump pipes on turbo back systems
• High-flow diesel spec metallic CAT
• Fitting kits and instructions included with all systems
• Heavy duty box packaging

Taipan Exhaust System Key Features*:
• All exhaust systems made inhouse in Burleigh Heads, Queensland.
• Two exhaust systems offered to the market place: Conventional/Industry Standard Big Bore System available in 409 Stainless; and a Unique handmade inhouse TaipanXP Vortex Muffler System available in 409 Stainless and 304 Stainless
• Two, three or four bolt laser cut 10mm flange plates depending on vehicle type
• Reinforced wrap around brackets
• 1.6mm Wall 409 Stainless Steel
• 409 Stainless Steel five-year warranty
• 1.6mm Wall 304 Stainless Steel
• 304 Stainless Steel – fully Tig welded – 10-year warranty
• Turbo Back Mandrel Bent Diesel Exhaust Systems
• Petrol 4WD Range Available with Catback or Full Replacement Systems
• Ceramic Coated or 304 Stainless Dump Pipes – model specific – TaipanXP Vortex Range
• Diesel or Petrol Specific Catalytic Convertors
• 304 Stainless Double Braided Flex bellows with Stainless Steel Coupling
• ¼ NPT Pyrometer fitting for Turbo Diesel and O2 Sensors for Petrols
• 409 Stainless Steel systems are heat proof painted with 1200 degree rated paint while 304 Stainless Systems are matt finished.
• Heavy Duty 3 Ply cartons, each piece is individually bubble wrapped and labelled.

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*Contact Torqit or TaipanXP direct for further information