The Eibach PRO KIT reportedly retains ride quality, improves suspension performance and achieves better aesthetics

A big part of suspension performance is the appearance that comes with it. Fit a passenger vehicle with larger-diameter rims wrapped in lower-profile tyres and the first thing you get is a greater gap between the tyre tread and wheel arch.
Eibach says its Eibach PRO KIT, the most popular among numerous Eibach options, reduces that extra real estate by 25 to 35mm depending on make and model to transform it into a nice, sleek, lowered vehicle that is tastefully done – and not overdone.
It says a popular analogy is this: when a motorist buys a sports model variant, it comes with sports suspension. The Eibach PRO KIT provides sports suspension to a vehicle that has not come from the factory with sports suspension.
On the one hand, the spring system should be compliant and soft enough to compensate for bumpy roads or tracks. This compliance assures permanent road-contact of wheel and tyre and therefore guarantees grip and traction.
On the other hand, the spring system must be firm enough to reduce body roll, squat and dive of the vehicle body during cornering, acceleration and braking.
Eibach says its revised spring rates lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity without sacrificing ride quality; improving the suspension performance and achieving “far better aesthetics.”
The lower, more muscular, more athletic stance makes the recipient vehicle stand out from stock and in addition to the “no more wheel-arch gap” appearance, Eibach says its owner will instantly notice the significant performance-oriented improvement in handling, braking and responsiveness.
Retaining ride quality is particularly important here in Australia given our quality of driving surfaces in contrast to those more common in Europe.
Eibach is engineered in and meets the strict criteria of Germany per TUV certification and works in close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi — plus premium tuning houses such as AMG and AC Schnitzer.
In addition to the German brands, Eibach offers products for vehicles manufactured in North America, Asia, Australia and the other European countries.
In contrast to so-called pop-up businesses here in Australia which bring in their own suspension products from overseas, Eibach states it is a global brand with a rich history spanning more than 70 years.
Eibach Australia is part of the Eibach Federn GmbH global group, providing local technical support for its products, and has direct access to all data files and drawings.
Eibach says its springs are engineered and tested to work perfectly with original equipment shock absorbers and come with a five-year warranty for faulty workmanship.
Workshops, tyre dealerships, and car and SUV servicing centres are encouraged to contact Eibach Australia directly with trade enquiries.

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