The level of service can vary from workshop to workshop and is usually dependant on some key factors, which includes the knowledge and efficiency of the workshop employees

With any small business, it takes regular learnings and improvements to keep up or be ahead of the competition.
To become better in your field of expertise and to be preferred workshop of choice within your local community, change is required and needs to occur constantly.
To keep up with the times and challenges of operating a small business, Bosch says its workshop concept “Bosch Car Service” is “a proven business partnership that actually works.”
The concept has been around for 100 years and is a global success for over 15,000 independent workshops in 150 countries.
Partnering with Bosch will reportedly provide workshops with many support features including business and technical training.
As each course is completed, participants are able to put these learnings into practice and make significant and positive changes in the workplace, creating a prosperous and organised business, well into the future.
There are two types of training programs offered by Bosch.
The Bosch Service Excellence program is a business training program that is exclusively available to the members of the Bosch Car Service network.
The program provides a framework that takes the network’s service quality to the next level, offering the tools and know-how to empower Bosch Car Service workshops to run their businesses successfully and grow in a highly competitive industry.
Bosch says it also helps to increase the efficiency of operational processes, minimise costs and increase overall customer and employee satisfaction.

Course topics include Brand, Staff and Customer Management; Workshop Processes and Quality Management; Operational Optimisation; Financial Management; Work Health and Safety including Mental Health; and Communication and Marketing Management.

The cost of the Bosch Service Excellence program is fully inclusive in the concept’s annual fee and is highly regarded by the worldwide network of independent workshops.
The second type of training offered by Bosch is its globally renowned and extensive Bosch Automotive Technical Training Program.
Bosch says the affordable Bosch Automotive Technical Training courses are available to all workshops, regardless of whether they belong to the network or not.
All course details are available via the Bosch Training Solutions website and a discount also automatically applies for Bosch Car Service members upon enrolment.
Due to continuously changing technology and servicing requirements, Bosch explains it is important for workshop technicians to attend technical training as often as possible.
It is also highly recommended for workshop owners to dedicate regular technical training to keep their technicians abreast of the latest and most up to date information required to make the right and most efficient choices when servicing and repairing vehicles.
An investment in training is what makes the difference between a tradesman and a technician, and will add a competitive edge to any workshop focussed on customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

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