Australia is a difficult market for a parts supplier

Transgold explains that we have more than 50 different car manufacturers selling vehicles here, so the 17 million cars on the road are made up of a broad range of makes and models.
This is complicated by the average age of our vehicles. It is well known that the age of the average car in Australia is 9.8 years. Less well known is that new car buyers replace their cars about every 6.5 years whilst those drivers who have second hand vehicles hold onto them for over 11 years.
This means a lot of Australians are running around in vehicles built in the last century, and they all need servicing and repairing.
Auto mechanics and parts retailers prefer to deal with suppliers who not only stock all the necessary parts permutations but who can get the right one to them quickly and economically.
Transgold says it believes it is its job to hold the widest practical range of products to service all the different models on our roads today. Over the last decade, it says it has progressively built up its catalogue and that it has now achieved the following coverage levels:
• Engine mounts – 95 percent
• Suspension bush kits – 80 percent plus
• Transmission kits – 99 percent plus
• Filters – 95 percent plus
• Driving and Timing Belts – 95 percent plus
• Auto globes – 95 percent plus
This means there are 300 transmission kits, 1500 suspension bush kits and 2000 engine mounts to choose from.
Fortunately, says Transgold, there is a handy Part Finder on its website to allow you to pick the right part number. The three catalogues have also been optimised for mobile use and display well on all the major platforms such as Android and IOS.
Transgold says it is committed to building its suspension range to that 95 percent vehicle coverage level, although at 1500 parts it says it is currently the most comprehensive range in Australia.
Transgold explains its commitment stems from knowing that many drivers, from 4WD owners to professional drivers, strongly prefer the comfort and feel of rubber suspension. Now, it says, they have a credible source of supply outside the car dealers.
Getting to a level above 95 percent is not economically feasible, explains Transgold, which states it has already had to double its own warehouse space in the last few years.
All Transgold parts are direct OEM replacement standard and are backed by a 12 month, 20,000km warranty.

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