Transgold has 2000 rubber suspension kits for 31 major brands

Transgold says that according to current estimates on the world’s car park, rubber suspension can be found as original equipment on around 1.4 billion cars, around 350 million of which are commercial vehicles.
It says this means that there are over a billion passenger vehicles utilising rubber suspension as original equipment and states that ‘Live Counter’ states the world’s manufacturers are adding to that total by 3.1 automobiles per second, and that number will rise significantly through the next decades.
In Australia, the ABS put the number of registered motor vehicles at 19.8 million back on 31 January 2020. Transgold says that even with the current COVID-19 crisis slowing down imports it looks like we will soon top the 20 million mark.
Transgold states rubber suspension has long been the preferred choice of car designers and automotive engineers all over the world and that it is original equipment on virtually every model.
It all goes back to Chrysler’s first chief engineer, Frederick Zeder, a legendary figure in the auto industry. Among several innovations – including curved windshields, hydraulic brakes, air filters and oil filters – Transgold explains Frederick is credited by fellow industry legend Lee Iacocca as the first to mount engines on a rubber base in an effort to absorb vibration. From that point on, all the leading vehicle producers throughout the world have reportedly specified rubber suspension.
Transgold says three key factors have shaped their choice:
• Firstly, they like to make sure it is quiet in the cabin. Rubber suspensions dampen the road noise which is pretty important in our busy lives as we make the most of our in-car entertainment and communication options.
• Secondly, it maintains the feel of the drive that owners have come to know and love and in many cases paid quite a bit for.
• Thirdly, for the reason it was originally invented: to eliminate vibrations so drivers can enjoy a ride that is both smooth and responsive.
Transgold explains it has now hit the milestone of 2000 rubber suspension kits for 31 major brands from Audi to VW, covering 85 percent of the models on Australian roads.
Easy to fit and with no need to grease, Transgold says its bushes come in kits to make the mechanic’s life easy – one kit per car.
All of the kits are said to be manufactured to a high quality OEM standard and are backed by the standard Transgold 12-month, 20,000km warranty.

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