From Davies Craig

Davies Craig explains that its range of universal-fit Davies Craig Transmission Oil Coolers are engineered to help drop transmission operational temperatures by as much as 33°c.
It says the cores are strongly constructed and tested to withstand pressures of up to 150 psi, which it explains is crucial if you are wishing to give your automatic transmission extended life.
Davies Craig offers two distinct transmission oil coolers; one to deal with pre-1990 vehicles is a fin and tube type called an Ultra-Cool, and the unique plate and fin designed Hydra-Cool to suit a wide variety of later model vehicles, including two/four-wheel drive SUVs and light trucks.
The Ultra-Cool offers effective cooling for heat temperature transfer from the ATF. The Hydra-Cool models are more compact, requiring 30 percent less space. Visually, the Ultra-Cool core matches the cooling tubes seen on older fridges while the Hydra-Cool core resembles a more modern alloy radiator core style with its plate and fin design.
Davies Craig offers fifteen distinct combinations. If your vehicle has a 24V electrical system, a Hydra 21 Plate Cooler and 8” ThermaticDAv Fan Combo (part #699) to suit is available. With a 20mm thickness, a compact 281mm length, and a fan diameter of 8” and a slimline 50mm depth, Davies Craig says this will ensure an incredibly positive air flow and cooling ability. For heavy duty 24v usage a 30-plate cooler with a 10” Fan (part #692) can be installed.
The smallest Hydra-Cool weighs just 331 grams so there is no noticeable impost to a vehicle’s weight. At just 141mm in height, 281mm in width, and with 12-plate core plus a near 12000 BTU heat transfer rate Davies Craig says it’s an ideal starter for smaller vehicles.
The 23-plate Hydra-Cool model, (part #623) at just 20mm thick and 281mm long, can be conveniently installed and simply mounted with the Quick Fit Kit provided adjacent to the engine radiator.
The Ultra-Cool models are available in three sizes to suit four-cylinder vehicles (part #401); six-cylinder vehicles (part #403) and eight-cylinder vehicles (part #404) for automatic transmissions fitted to vehicles before 1990. Davies Craig says the models make for a convenient installation, with the largest core able to transfer up to 10,800 BTU/hour.
To complement your Transmission Oil Cooler and Thermatic Fan Combo, Davies Craig recommends the installation of a Davies Craig Digital Thermatic Fan Switch (part #0444) to ensure your Transmission Oil Cooler Combo performs at its optimum in all environmental conditions.
All Davies Craig Transmission Oil Cooler Kits come complete with 3/8” hose, hose clamps and a Quick Fit Kit for universal fitting to most vehicles.

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