CVT NZ wants to make it easier for workshops to overhaul CVT transmissions

Located in New Zealand and specialising in supplying parts and re-manufacturing CVT transmissions, CVT NZ has more than 1200 different parts in stock and supplies parts to every country in the world. 
CVT NZ states that the CVT transmission is the transmission for the future, especially now that fuel prices are rising. It says these transmissions are very reliable, provided you maintain them and use the correct transmission fluids.
These transmissions are now used in nearly all vehicle makes, regardless of whether the engine is a four, six or eight cylinder. CVT NZ states the belt used in the majority of CVT transmissions are now of a very high standard and can cope with very high torques.
The company – a family business with more than 50 years of experience in the automotive sector – has more than 180 different CVT transmissions available for two and four-wheel-drive vehicles.
It also manufactures some parts because they are not available from the original manufacturer.
It is CVT NZ’s intention to make it easier for workshops to overhaul CVT transmissions because the company believes it is ridiculous that the car manufacturers do not supply parts or any information for these transmissions.
As part of this commitment, CVT NZ is working hard to get all parts available for every CVT transmission, with these parts available via the CVT NZ website to workshops across the globe.
In addition, in the next few years the company plans to publish detailed workshop manuals for these transmissions to make it easier for mechanics to understand the inner workings of the CVTs and how to diagnose and solve problems, and make repairs.
For the last 25 years the business has specialised in diagnosing problems and repairing CVT transmissions.
In fact, the company has worked across several countries to diagnose problems and repair CVT transmissions on request.
In the past two decades, the company reports it has rebuilt more than 5,600 CVT transmissions from every vehicle manufacturer with more than 70 different models of CVT transmissions.
If there are any parts you need for a CVT transmission and they are not listed on the company’s website, CVT NZ encourages you to send its team an email with some pictures so that the parts can be recognised.
Further, if you have a problem with a vehicle and you can’t find the parts you need, CVT NZ says you shouldn’t hesitate to email its team with a full description of the problem and all of details from the vehicle, including the fault codes and the transmission code, so CVT NZ can try to help you solve the problem.

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