The essential ingredient for Winter Rain

Australia’s unpredictable weather means that motorists need to be prepared for any type of weather.
Over 96 percent of driving decisions are based on visibility. As such, quality wiper blades are critical to safety on our roads.
Many drivers don’t have their wiper blades replaced as part of their regular vehicle service. In fact, many drivers don’t give much thought to their wiper blades at all until they need them. It is essential to regularly check the condition of wiper blades.
Trico Wiper Products says its Trico Force beam blades are engineered with a flexible structure, allowing the blade to conform to different windscreen surface curvatures with maximum water clearance.
With a robust superstructure for durable, all-weather performance, the swept-wing spoiler slices through turbulence caused by cross winds to deliver a clearer wipe and excellent visibility in all driving situations and provide outstanding wind lift performance up to 240kp/h.
Trico Force features the patented VorTec aerofoil that controls airflow and transfers wind force downward to provide maximum contact between the wiper blade and windshield, particularly important for modern high curvature windscreens.
A key contributing factor of early failure in a wiper system in Australia is prolonged excessive UV exposure. The Trico Force blade has been created with a tough wearing, single piece vertebra.
This vertebra supports an all-natural, premium quality rubber insert that has been treated with enhanced UV protection and a graphite coating.
The exclusive HighGlide element withstands harsh UV radiation to provide superb durability and the smoothest, quietest wipe.
Trico Wiper Products says that its Trico Force blades are tested for over 1.5 million cycles, which is three times longer than OE requirements. The precision cut, UV treated rubber wiping edge removes the smallest droplets providing drivers with clear vision and added safety for long lasting performance.
Trico Force beam blades fit more than 95 percent of cars on the road and are quick and easy to install due to simplified multi fit adaptors.
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