A rich history

Tridon explains that it has been manufacturing hose clamps at its state of the art facility in Sydney, New South Wales, since 1976.
The company says it has a very rich history in manufacturing unique products for OEM applications, stating that if a unique clamping product is required to solve a problem, Tridon’s engineering team can design and build the product to meet the challenging clamp application.
After more than 40 years of manufacturing hose clamps in their Australian facility, Tridon proudly remains a fully Australian owned and managed company.

Hose Clamps: small yet vital
A hose clamp is a small component, performing an extremely important job.
The hose clamp is tasked with performing under pressure and retaining the vehicle’s vital fluids which keep it running – fuel, oil and coolant.
Tridon says its industry leading quality control combined with the features and benefits of each clamp – including rolled edges and exact tolerances – make fitting easy while protecting each hose and ensuring a perfect seal.

Tridon quality
Tridon says it is passionate about quality and that this focus has helped it to achieve “world class status” in manufacturing through a commitment to constant improvements throughout the manufacturing processes.
It says its management system ensures adherence to customer specifications through contract review, advanced quality planning, production part approval processes and a comprehensive inspection and test program.
This philosophy is also said to be evident in its commitment to environmental practices and excellent customer service.

Tridon network and subsidiaries
Tridon has branch and warehouse facilities in key locations around Australia and New Zealand, keeping product and local service close to its customers and reportedly offering extremely fast turnarounds for support and service.
When you purchase a Tridon hose clamp, Tridon says you are supporting Australian manufacturing and receiving “a premium product that will not let you down.”
When it comes to hose clamps, Tridon says “Premium quality. Extensive range. We’ve got it covered.”
Alongside its Tridon Hose Clamps, Tridon has a comprehensive range of products which are sold in Australia and New Zealand whilst its manufactured products are exported to many countries around the world including Japan, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

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