Proudly Australian owned and operated, Tridon has been a leading supplier to the automotive aftermarket for more than 40 years

In the 1970s Tridon developed and introduced a range of plastic back wiper refills as one of its core product lines. 
With two different plastic profiles, narrow and wide back, Tridon says it had the market covered, establishing itself as a leading supplier of wiper products in Australia.
Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Australian consumers saw wiper refills as the total wiper solution. The metal blade assembly was simply considered part of the car, so if you needed new wipers, you changed your refills and it was job done, says Tridon.

Vehicle design and the humble wiper blade
Advancement in vehicle design, along with the influx of many new makes and models, saw a dramatic shift for the humble vehicle wiper.
New vehicles were fitted with advanced wiper designs including flat, curved and hybrid blades. There were also traditional wipers with long and short lengths, together with new refill styles, new profiles, and the addition of many new wiper connections and adaptors.
Once a universal consumable product, the wiper blade became much more complex. The evolution of the wiper blade had begun, and the days of the simple refill solution were over.
In response to the changing market needs, Tridon undertook comprehensive research and product development. The goal: to provide the aftermarket with a complete range of direct fit, high quality wiper blades and refills that were easy to identify and simple to use.
Today, Tridon says it offers the most complete premium quality wiper range in the Australian market.

Research and development
Tridon has invested heavily in local wiper research and development with a dedicated team focusing on quality, innovation and performance, providing technical support specific to the Australian market.
Using proven premium quality natural rubber compounds and selected UV coatings developed specifically for the harsh Australian environment, Tridon wiper blades and refills are manufactured from the highest quality materials for ultimate performance in all conditions.
Tridon wiper range
Unrivalled and boasting more than 98 percent vehicle coverage, Tridon says its extensive wiper range is led by the flagship Tridon FlexBlade and Tridon CurveBlade products.
Tridon also offers conventional complete metal wiper blades, metal rail and plastic back refills and rear wiper blade products.
Tridon’s premium FlexBlade range is ideal for car enthusiasts looking for the very best wiper blades for their vehicle.
Utilising the latest wiper blade technology, Tridon FlexBlade incorporates a low profile aerodynamic clawless design and direct fit connectors, delivering continuous and even pressure distribution for a crisp, clean wipe every time.
For the automotive trade workshop or professional, the FlexConnect range delivers a complete, compact one-stop wiper solution.
The range includes 12 naked blades and 10 different connectors sold separately. Each connector mounts to the naked blade using Tridon’s revolutionary clip-in system – simply select the correct FlexConnect blade length and match the connector for each vehicle application.

Tridon says its Curveblade wiper range is the ultimate solution for the increasingly popular hybrid market.
Manufactured using the latest Japanese wiper technology, the hybrid blade design features an integrated curved metal rail refill and aerodynamic spoiler design for continuous pressure contact on the windscreen and is designed for the direct replacement of hybrid wipers commonly seen on Japanese and Korean vehicles.
Next in the Tridon wiper blade range are conventional complete metal wiper blades, which Tridon explains are manufactured from the highest quality, powder-coated zinc steel and stainless-steel rivets for extended life.
Tridon complete blades feature interchangeable OE style metal rail refills and are supplied complete with adaptors to suit various arm style designs.
More recently introduced, the rear blade wiper program was developed to provide broad coverage of rear wipers for late-model vehicles and the expanding SUV market.
Designed as direct OE replacement without the requirement for adaptors, Tridon offers two rear blade types: conventional plastic blade and flat (or beam) blade.
Currently with 39 individual part numbers, Tridon continues to expand this range to meet the needs of the market.  
Developed over many years, Tridon wiper refills are available in plastic back, OE style metal rail, and rubber refill designs. They are interchangeable with most conventional complete wiper blades in the Australian market.
Tridon also has a range of high-quality, heavy-duty truck and bus blades and refills available – for more information about these, visit

Selection made easy
With so many options to choose from, selecting the correct wiper blade or refill is no easy task.
Developed over many decades, Tridon’s comprehensive applications and detailed product information makes this process easy with listings available on Tridon PartFinder, online and through all major parts catalogues.
A variety of packaging options are available including blister packs or hang style boxes to suit workshops, trade stores and also the retail environment.
A full merchandising solution conveniently displays all Tridon wiper blades and refills, with a modular system allowing for various combinations to meet retail and trade requirements.
Distribution and capabilities
Tridon has national branch and warehouse facilities in key locations around Australia and New Zealand which it says ensures products are closer to customers for faster delivery as well as providing local customer service support.
Safe driving starts with clear vision, and Tridon says it is proud to offer a complete range of premium quality wipers for superior performance and excellent visibility at any time of the year.

For more information, visit or contact Tridon on 1300 362 263.