A new way of protecting your vehicle’s interior while reducing cleaning time

Tru-Fit Carpets says each of its Kagu and Maxtrac 3D Mats are perfectly designed to the vehicle, with a moulded raised lip to contain dirt, mud, spills and so on.
An inner XPE layer is added to the mat which provides a strong structure, and is also waterproof, shock absorbent and provides sound insulation.
The company says its patented Maxpider Backing fabric then completes the mat, ensuring all mats are non-slip for “100 percent safety.”
Tru-Fit Carpets says this backing is unique in its design, in that it will lock in to your carpet but won’t damage it like Loop and Hook style fasteners.
In the original Kagu series of 3D Mats it also has a range of both Carpet and Rubber Mats in either Black, Grey or Beige. The mats can be purchased in front pairs (select models), front and second row rear sets, or for all three rows with a “huge” range available for sedans, wagons, utes and SUVs.
The Maxtrac series is the Heavy-Duty premium range of 3D Mats from Tru-Fit Carpets. The top surface of Rubber is 40 percent thicker and has a unique embossed pattern to keep spills from moving around the mat. The Maxtrac 3D Mats can be purchased in either front pairs (select models), front and rear sets and three-row sets. They are also available in either Black or Grey Rubber.
Tru-Fit Carpets says you can increase your car’s resale value with its 3D mats, stating that its Kagu and Maxtrac 3D Mats provide maximum coverage and are a breeze to clean.
It explains that to clean, you can either pull them out and just shake them off, wipe them off with a wet cloth or use a high pressure hose. Tru-Fit 3D Mats are 100 percent waterproof and Tru-Fit Carpets says you should not be fooled by cheap plastic imitations.

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