Wherever you are, whoever you are, TRW Aftermarket says fitting its brake parts gives you peace of mind

TRW is one of the market leading specialists when it comes to brake systems, producing 12 million brake discs every year for both original equipment and the independent aftermarket worldwide. And, says TRW, because it is always at the forefront of innovation, customers can take comfort in knowing they are always receiving the very latest in new developments in disc technology:

Improved brake pad performance with COTEC
TRW developers say they have come up with a way to get the very best from front or rear brake pad replacement: TRW COTEC.
The advanced silicate coating is applied to the friction material of replacement brake pads, resulting in an improved contact between the brake disc and pad.
TRW COTEC brake pads can stop vehicles up to seven meters quicker than other premium brake pads during the first few stops following a pad change (known as the bedding-in period). This innovative technology means TRW out-performs major competitors during the bedding-in period of the pad, when the friction co-efficient is lower than usual.
Because it improves safety from the moment the driver leaves the garage, TRW now coats the majority of brake pads with COTEC. Over 90 percent of the brake pads that TRW produce, have already been COTEC coated.

Scorching: state-of-the-art brake pad manufacturing
TRW understands the importance of friction material in front and rear brake pads. Making the friction material compound in-house has allowed TRW to find the perfect combination of raw materials from rubber to graphite, generating the safest brake pad performance across all conditions, it says.
TRW’s scorching techniques heat the pads to 600-700oC, which helps to reduce bedding-in time and initial fading. Automatic moulding presses allow for deep moulding technology, which produces a more consistent density and porosity. This gives drivers that leave the garage with TRW replacement brake pads fitted to their vehicles more comfortable journeys, as it minimises the amount of judder and noise.

High Carbon Brake Discs
Because they are designed not just to meet standards but also to be the best real-world solution, TRW says its High Carbon Discs can exceed manufacturer specifications and provide improved thermal behaviour, great stability and best performance.
High Carbon Discs help meet the ever-increasing demands on brake discs in terms of weight, braking performance and NVH (noise vibration harshness) properties. With more vehicle manufacturers introducing High Carbon discs as standard, TRW says it guarantees strong overage from their aftermarket range because:
• Discs produced with High Carbon have optimal thermal conductivity, allowing the discs to run cooler and, as a result, ensure more consistent brake performance
• A High Carbon brake disc is less likely to distort, which means less performance-related problems
• High Carbon improves the thermal behaviour of the discs, giving better stability and increased resistance to distortion and thermal cracking
• High Carbon discs also help to provide a noise and judder-free performance

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