ZF Aftermarket has announced the expansion of the program in Australia

Now available through ZF Services Australia, the TRW braking product line up is said to set a new standard for the industry, “with an expert range transforming the premium end of the aftermarket.” 
With a reputation earned through 100 years of OE quality components across the automotive spectrum, ZF Aftermarket says its updated Australian TRW offering includes in excess of 14,000 brake pads and 14,700 discs. 
“ZF Aftermarket with its TRW product brand has developed worldwide a top-flight reputation for their superior braking products, with the expanded offering in Australia already finding favour with local workshops,” TRW Business Development Manager, Steve Borg, said.  
“TRW’s intimate knowledge of the field results in braking components that not only show the way in terms of safety, but also for ease of installation by technicians.
“For instance, outside of product advancements that make TRW brake pads and rotors easier to fit, there is the fact that the new pads don’t require bedding in, while they also offer shorter braking distances when new. 
“From a consumer’s perspective, TRW products offers long lasting safety.
“With these credentials on board, it’s exciting to be a part of the brand’s invigoration in Australia.”
Over the decades, TRW, a premium brand of ZF Aftermarket, has reportedly worked hand-in-hand with leading OEMs on cutting edge systems that have led the market for more than 100 years. 
TRW made the first wooden wheels for the legendary Ford Model T back in 1908, and now over a century later, TRW continues to lead the way, growing its innovative range of braking parts across all applications, including EVs and hybrids. 
In 2020, TRW enjoys the input of 6,000 engineers, designers and experts from around the globe into the development of its products, ensuring they remain at the forefront.

ZF says the TRW product range of brake pads and discs show the way, no matter the application, be it passenger vehicles, motorcycles, or in light and heavy commercial vehicles. 
For instance, in brake pads, advanced COTEC coating produced from natural occurring silicates, reportedly allow for improvements of seven metres in stopping distance when fitted new. 
It says TRW’s DTEC brake pads take the COTEC-coated range to the next level, by reducing rim surface dust by up to 45 percent.
Especially produced for electric vehicles, TRW’s Electric Blue brake pads feature low dust characteristics, complete with rubberised PTFE-coated accessories, which further reduce noise.
In brake discs, a range of different parts are now available in Australia, with sections of the disc finished in a specialist black paint, which protects against corrosion. 
The discs are wrapped with corrosive-resistant VCI paper, while also offering market leading bedding-in performance.

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