Manufactured in Europe

Invision Sales says Tungsram is a European manufacturing success story that began over 120 years ago.
It says the company has held true to its principles and maintained the highest quality standards while resisting the temptation to manufacture in Asia as many other brands have.
“In a world where the term premium quality is used regularly, Tungsram are able to back it up with their European manufacturing and the highest OE standards. So when they say Premium, they mean European Premium,” Invision Sales Managing Director, Wayne Blackman, said.
“The Tungsram slogan, Innovation is our heritage, is the core belief of the company as they continue the proud tradition of European creativity and innovation.
“When you fit Tungsram globes to your customer’s vehicle, you can be assured that you’re fitting original equipment quality that has been manufactured in Europe.
“What this means to the Australian market is the return of the Tungsram brand, with made in Europe bulbs, manufactured in the same GE plants.”
Even in these uncertain times, Invision Sales says Tungsram is looking to the future with investment continuing into new technologies for a dynamically growing global market.

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