Tested in tough Australian outback conditions

Bluetooth Diesel Tuning Boxes allow the vehicle owner to choose from seven settings which will give more power or economy to popular Turbo Diesel 2WD and 4WD vehicles. Bluetooth Diesel Tuning Australia, a division of 4WD World, explains that popular fitments include the ute range from Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, VW, Holden and other models.
The BDT modules are said to be easy to fit being a plug-in unit that has Bluetooth connectivity when paired to an iPhone or similar using an app.
With seven settings reportedly giving up to 40 percent more power and improved torque on some models of 4WD vehicles, the boxes are ideal for towing caravans, horse floats, car trailers or trailers. Even when on lower settings, the economy is reportedly improved by a significant amount and power is still better than standard tests, it says.
Bluetooth Diesel Tuning Australia says customer referrals attest to the BDT units’ quality and benefits and they have been tested by acclaimed 4WD road tester and editor, Ron Moon, as well as 4WD World owner, Ed Mulligan.
The units can be kept when selling a vehicle and reprogrammed to suit the new purchase in many cases; have a three-year warranty and are priced from $895 retail including delivery.

Trade enquiries can be referred to the sales team on 1300 015 584, or to the website at www.bluetoothdieseltuning.com.au