Autel and Carman are now perfect together

These two scan tools, specifically designed to work for the Australian market, are now designed to work together, explains Interequip.
It says Autel scan tools have been the “go to” tool for many of Australia’s top performing diagnosticians for many years.
However, Interequip explains, there is more to a scan tool than just a tablet and software.
After sales service is the intangible that can make or break a brand name, the family business says, stating that it was the first importer of Autel and that it was Interequip that “Australianised” it.
“I have a very long and respectful business relationship with the owner of Autel,” Interequip owner, Alex Visser, said.
“We are in constant contact to ensure we offer the very latest products. Interequip are the original importer and have clearly had a long relationship.
“I have invested heavily in staff and training to ensure our scan tool service team are able to offer competent repairs or over the phone advice. I see it as a critical investment back into my business.
“We are also in the enviable position of being the exclusive Australian distributor for the Korean made Carman scan tools.
“I employ Korean technicians here in Australia to help develop the tool to suit Australian vehicles.
“We ensure Autel and Carman offer our customers a scan tool package purposely designed to complement each other.
“We can get an Autel and a Carman with full diagnostics package including pass through abilities to market for less than the cost of one equivalent scan tool and the real kicker is, these two are designed to work together.”

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