From MAHA German Workshop Equipment

MAHA German Workshop Equipment has a range of German engineered, two-post clear floor lifts, offered with a two-year factory direct warranty.
MAHA offers the following models; all are Australian design registered three-phase pump options:
• HL CS 4,000 L – 4,000 kgs capacity, 11.9’ (short)
• HL CS 4,000 – 4,000 kgs capacity, 13.7’ (medium)
• HL CS 4,000 H – 4,000 kgs capacity, 15.7’ (tall)
MAHA says the reliable designs of the lifts feature simple construction and no electronics for minimal maintenance requirements.
The motor and pump are installed above eye level on the column, making maintaining hydraulic fluid easy, and the lifts are easy to operate – just one button raises the lift, one lever releases the locks, and one button lowers the lift.
Installation is easy, taking only four to five hours. The large base plate is safe for installing on concrete as thin as 125mm and this decreases the cost of installation and site preparation.
The MAHA two-post clear floor lifts have an adaptable three-phase motor with an American made pump unit.
It is compatible with the electrical setups of most shops, is easy to work on, and parts are readily available from the Australian supplier.

With this kind of lift, MAHA says you can lift any vehicle frame or unibody design thanks to screw adjustable and stackable pads and extensions which provide the flexibility to lift many types of vehicles.
You can even lift low-profile sport cars as the HL CS 4.0 was designed specifically to slide under German sports cars and is an excellent fit for Japanese imported cars.
Also featured in the design of the lifts is the easy slide twin stage support arms with fine tooth tapered locks – this unique safety feature allows effortless positioning of the support arms with the locks engaging on every lift.
MAHA says other brand lifts are constructed with a cheaper coarse tooth vertical lock where the support arms are unlikely to seat in the locks properly or refuse the correct positioning, both resulting in a safety issue.

Key features:
• Removeable and screw adjustable 90mm pick up point for lowered vehicles
• Generous 4010mm clear internal height for high roofs
• Hydraulic cylinder in each column pushing down on baseplate
• Motor and pump fixed in raised position
• Large baseplate outside of working area for superior stability
• Large baseplate requiring only 125mm concrete depth
• FAST 35s lift/lower time
• Mercedes Benz Approval with specialised pickup points for German OEMs
• Available in RAL colours ex-factory USA or Germany
• Supplied with 50mm and 100mm supports which can be combined for side steps

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