Unique Auto Parts has a number of air conditioning and car care solutions in stock

Unique Auto Parts has been in the automotive industry as a family run company for more than 25 years.
The company says it continues to expand and grow its already extensive range of spare parts.
With multiple large shipments recently landing at the head office, Unique Auto Parts states it is stocked up and ready with all the parts you may need Australia wide.

Your air conditioning needs sorted
With the summer season approaching us, now is the time to quickly ensure your air conditioner is working at its optimal behaviour and Unique Auto Parts says it stocks a range of parts to help you do that.
From cabin filters to ensure that incoming air is clean and that no dirt can get into the vehicle, to compressors and condensers to keep the cold air blowing, all of Unique Auto Parts’ products are supplied by well-known European manufacturers.

An extensive car care range
Unique Auto Parts’ car care range has slowly been growing and recently some new products have been added to the inventory.
Demon Foam Wash and Demon Car Shine are now in stock in 2L bottles and both come with a hose nozzle that allows you to completely cover the car without the extra work normally involved. The foam wash will help remove all the stuck-on dirt and grime whilst the shine is used afterwards and leaves a top-gloss wax finish.
If you are looking for a quicker solution to washing your car, Unique Auto Parts also stocks Liquid Gold Car Wash. Once the car has been shampooed and hosed down using Liquid Gold, Unique Auto Parts says it simply dries without any water marks or streaks.
If you are looking for something to keep your car looking pristine, Unique Auto Parts has also re-stocked the quite popular Black Trim Wax. The wax cleans and restores black trim such as bumpers, mouldings, radiator grilles, door mirrors, spoilers, rubber and plastic trim to its former glory.
With the current pandemic and constant need to disinfect to avoid the risk of bacteria, Unique Auto Parts has also brought in a brand-new product.
The new two-stage antibacterial car cleaner and sanitiser runs through your air conditioner and kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, and the second stage spray allows you to continually disinfect more common areas such as the steering wheel or door handles. The 150ml set is available today.
Unique Auto Parts says it has five stores Australia wide located in Victoria, Brisbane and Perth that are able to provide quick delivery in surrounding areas, as well as many relationships with many couriers that allows it to ship Australia wide.
Unique Auto Parts is trading under a COVID-safe plan and all incoming parts and delivery drivers are on strict notice to follow guidelines.

For more information, call Unique Auto Parts on 1300 864 864 or email