Unique Auto Parts has recently introduced three new brands to its range of electrical, ignition and lighting parts

Joining the Unique Auto Parts product offering recently are the Valeo, Vaico and Vemo brands.
Unique Auto Parts says Valeo is a leader in electrical systems and a key player in the global market when it comes to OEM parts for passenger and light commercial vehicles.
Unique Auto Parts stocks a wide range of Valeo electrical parts including a range of sensor, alternators, and starter motors.
Similarly, Unique Auto Parts says Vaico and Vemo provide another OEM quality option when it comes to auto- electrical and lighting options.
In addition to the three above mentioned suppliers, Unique Auto Parts also sources electrical and lighting parts directly from well-known manufacturers Bosch and Hella.
Hella’s main focus has always been the design and manufacture of automotive lighting and electrical equipment and it offers a wide range of state-of-the-art electrical and lighting options for both passenger and commercial vehicles.
Unique Auto Parts stocks a wide range of Hella products including camshaft sensors, crankshaft sensors, oil level sensors, fan resistors, glow plug relays, oxy sensors, air con pressure sensors and ignition coils.
The Bosch name is synonymous worldwide with reliability and quality and for this reason Unique Auto Parts says it keeps its warehouse shelves stocked with great Bosch products
This range includes air flow sensors, oxy sensors, alternators, starter motors, spark plugs and non-electrical items such as wipers.

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