More than 2.5 million illegal transactions have been intercepted so far

UFI Filters, a leading company in filtration and thermal management technologies, is continuing its fight against counterfeit spare parts by tightening its surveillance measures and extending its Internet Business Intelligence activity globally in partnership with Convey, a leading company operating on the internet and brand protection services sector.
The monitoring activities have reportedly resulted in the interception of more than 2.5 million illegal transactions on the main marketplaces worldwide.
UFI Filters says the system for monitoring and supressing these illicit activities enables them to be nipped in the bud, thus minimising the risk of a further increase in unlawful transactions.
Thanks to an ever-expanding surveillance service which covers all marketplaces globally, UFI Filters has succeeded in removing more than 8,000 commercial advertisements posted on 33 e-commerce platforms, preventing a potential turnover of more than €5 million in counterfeit goods.
Since 1972, UFI Filters says it has been committed to protecting its products through the registration of trademarks and the filing of new patent applications (which number 268 to date) on the main world markets and through customs surveillance – that is, through the registration of the Group’s intellectual property assets with the customs authorities of the individual countries.
These measures have been further strengthened through specific training sessions delivered at the most sensitive customs agencies.
UFI Filters says relying on a manufacturer like UFI with a long-standing historical presence in the original equipment market provides an additional guarantee, enabling the customer to be sure that the product has been developed in order to maintain the highest standards, even in conditions that are more severe than those required by the regulations.
UFI Filters says its products are designed and produced using exclusive FormulaUFI filtering materials, and are conceived, developed, and manufactured to a high technological level to meet the highest standards.
On the other hand, substandard or even counterfeit filters which use unsuitable materials do not perform their function or do so inappropriately.
For this reason, UFI Filters warns that buying a poor-quality product to save money can seriously compromise the fuel injection system, leading to the risk of increased vehicle downtime and related financial losses, especially for those who use their vehicle for work.

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