With ZF LifeguardFluid Oils

Modern transmissions – one of ZF’s primary areas of expertise – are incredibly complex and careful consideration of the right oil is required to maximise operational benefits such as reduced fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and greater reliability over a vehicle’s life.
Made specifically for ZF transmissions, ZF LifeguardFluid is a premium grade lubricant that headlines the ZF Aftermarket range of transmission oils, says ZF.
ZF LifeguardFluid has been developed to deliver maximum transmission performance so that passengers enjoy smoother gearshifts, and the vehicle enjoys optimised fuel economy and reduced wear on components, thus decreasing maintenance and operating costs.
ZF Aftermarket says it additionally markets a range of premium quality oils suited to the broad spectrum of vehicles on our roads.
These specialised ZF Aftermarket transmission lubricants are said to contain a matched combination of high-quality base oils and special additives, which reportedly delivers excellent lubrication and friction properties even under the most extreme of operating conditions.

ZF says its LifeguardFluid oils support perfect shifting behaviour, comparable to the level of a new car, and vibration-free operation.
Transmissions, including the transmission oil, are subject to wear, which depends on the conditions under which a vehicle is operated.
High temperatures and loads – caused, for example, by a sporty driving style, the regular transport of heavy loads or trailer operation – have a significant influence on wear. This is a decisive factor, especially with regards to the unclear past of a used car.
In order to keep the service life and performance of the transmission optimal, ZF Aftermarket recommends on the one hand, regular checks, and on the other hand, regular transmission oil changes.
In this way, vehicle owners not only enjoy an optimally functioning transmission, but also prevent costly repairs.
ZF LifeguardFluid oils are available for four, five, six, eight and nine speed applications in a variety of sizes, depending on the application.

For more information, visit www.zf.com/lubricants or call 1800 ZF SALES (1800 937 2537).