From Gabriel

Designed to reduce shimmy or the wobbling of the front wheels when on rough terrain, Gabriel explains that a Steering Damper will dampen the steering system’s lateral movement and provide better feel, handling and steering control.
In doing so, it will also reduce wear on the tyres and other front end parts.
Gabriel says its UltraPLUS Steering dampers offer a number of superior features, including:

  • a 35mm piston bore, larger than the equivalent OE and with larger oil volume capacity for longer life
  • 15mm piston rod, also larger and stronger than OE
  • Rugged mounts, interchangeable with the original
  • Steel shield to protect the rod from stone damage
  • 50/50 damping control for all steering lateral movement

Also available: Gabriel Strut Mounts
When replacing Spring Seat “Coil Over” Shock Absorbers in a 4×4 vehicle, Gabriel says it is strongly recommended to check the condition of the top mounting plate.
Off Road conditions and carrying additional weight can cause the front suspension of 4×4 vehicles to work particularly hard and so the top mount tends to wear sooner than in normal driving conditions.
Gabriel explains that its Strut and Shock Mounts include a new mounting plate and all necessary replacement hardware.

For part numbers, search www.gabrielshocks.com.au