Unique Auto Parts is now stocking parts for Land Rover and Range Rover

Unique Auto Parts is excited to announce that containers of Land Rover and Range Rover Parts have begun to arrive to its branches.
The team says they are now pleased to be able to offer parts for these makes in addition to the parts for all of the other makes it already has in stock, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, Audi, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Volvo and now Range Rover and Land Rover – including parts for 4WD and commercial vehicles.
Unique Auto Parts says it stocks all of the parts needed for 4WDs including brake and suspension components, electrical and ignition components, filters, alternators and starter motors, specialty tools, oils and lubricants and much more.
Unique Auto Parts explains that it imports parts directly from the world’s leading manufacturers, including JP group, Quinton Hazell, Bosch, SKF, Trucktec, Victor Reinz, Hella, Mann, Behr, Pagid, Carlube, and many others.
In addition to stocking general replacement and service parts, Unique Auto Parts says it has always strived to provide cost effective solutions for some of the more common problems that occur in 4WDs, such as supplying the rear bush and housing for Mercedes’ ML and GL W164 front lower control arms separately – eliminating the need to replace parts unnecessarily.
Unique Auto Parts reports a similar issue is found with Porsche Cayennes and Volkswagen Touaregs when the centre tail shaft and mount fail due to wear.
It says as a general rule the only option is to replace the entire tail shaft, an exercise which can run into the thousands. But instead, Unique Auto Parts reports it can save you the hassle and the cost of doing this as it has sourced a German made repair kit which contains everything needed including a mount, bearing and grease.
These kits are reportedly not available from genuine dealers and at just a fraction of price of a full replacement, Unique Auto Parts says they provide a cost-effective solution.
Unique Auto Parts also offers a premium nationwide delivery service from five great locations around Australia using a combination of its own fleet of delivery vehicles and the fastest and most efficient couriers.

To be connected to your nearest branch call 1300 864 864 or visit www.uniqueautoparts.com.au for more information.