Getting to know the AutoGuru team you didn’t know you had

Team Leader Jennie (left) with a few of her customer service team members.

When a customer walks through your door looking for a trustworthy mechanic, you have the opportunity to understand their needs and build a rapport with them in person. You can look them in the eye and give them your honest, expert advice and their own intuition acts as an internal gauge.
AutoGuru’s customer service team speaks to hundreds of prospective customers over the phone every day. They have just a few seconds to find common ground with a complete stranger, build an immediate connection and sort the time-wasters from the genuine customers.
By taking the time to intimately get to know their network, AutoGuru’s booking agents quickly determine where to place jobs and when, and reliably match every customer to the best suited repairer.
For instance, some mechanics specialise in particular makes and models, or certain types of work. Others don’t want specific jobs sent their way. When the booking agent thoroughly knows the workshop’s setup, capacity, holiday periods, likes and dislikes, they can better allocate the right jobs to the right people.
In fact, the more the workshop builds a relationship with their booking agent, the more compatible the job will be, making the process super-efficient for everyone.
Some of the bigger groups like KTAS and NRMA are centralising their call centres to improve the customer experience and create better efficiencies. AutoGuru is effectively doing the same thing, but for a larger group of independents.
The AutoGuru customer service champions are an extension of your front desk staff, says AutoGuru. They track down customers and co-ordinate the booking on your behalf. They work in partnership with you to save you time and get you the jobs you actually want.
“Every single person we speak to is someone we are trying to help,” AutoGuru Team Leader, Jennie Wood, said.
“It all comes down to communication; the more info you give us, the more work we can send your way.”
And the feedback on Jennie’s team members is pretty impressive. For example, Rebecca from NRMA provided the following feedback: “Just want to let you know how wonderful Laura is. We speak on the phone multiple times a day and some days there can be a lot of back and forth. Whether it be sometimes I am difficult to get a hold of or trying to reschedule customers, she makes everything easy and nothing is ever a fuss for her. She is really a great asset to your team.”
So, AutoGuru advises you take the time to get to know your booking agents. Give them the little nuggets they need to really be able to connect you with customers who will be grateful for the insider knowledge and word of mouth recommendation.

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