From Terrain Tamer

Traditionally, Independent Front Suspension systems have allowed only a small adjustment range for successful wheel alignment.
This is particularly true of lifted vehicles, causing issues with camber, caster, ball joint articulation and clearance of the coil assembly.
Terrain Tamer has recently released a range of Upper Control Arms, which work to provide a solution for any IFS vehicle up to 70mm.
These Upper Control Arms correct steering alignment by allowing greater clearance to the coil assembly and, thanks to their extended length, more articulation of the arm.
Terrain Tamer says the design of these Upper Control Arms delivers maximum shock absorber extension, allowing the shock to restrict full droop, effectively minimising any strain put on the ball joint when the vehicle is lifted.
Other benefits include an increase in caster adjustment and negative camber, providing an improved turn-in response and increased directional stability, all working to compensate for body and tyre roll when cornering.
Resistant to oil, grease and weathering, and featuring a heavy-duty ball joint, Terrain Tamer’s Upper Control Arms are powder coated to withstand corrosion, and provide the strength typically required in high load bearing applications.
Terrain Tamer’s Upper Control Arms are the newest addition to its popular Suspension range, which, along with its OE Replacement range of shocks, springs and bushes, also includes Stabiliser Bars, Smart Coil Springs, Pro Shock Absorbers, and more recently, GVM Upgrade Kits and Parabolic Springs. 
All parts are available now for a wide range of vehicles.

For more information, or to view the range, visit www.terraintamer.com