Tridon – a leading Australian manufacturer of high-quality hose clamps – explains that this small part performs an essential task

Tridon has been producing high quality hose clamps in its state-of-the-art facility in Sydney, New South Wales since 1976 and is a proud Australian manufacturer.
Tridon says this rich history in manufacturing components for the automotive industry has led to its hose clamps becoming “the benchmark in Australia and New Zealand.”
Tridon also produces purpose-built clamps for OEM applications.
If a unique clamping product is required for a specific application, Tridon explains that its engineering team can provide tailored solutions for complex fastening and sealing requirements, including short run custom hose clamps.
Australian Manufacturing
Tridon has been manufacturing in Australia for more than 40 years and continues to be a fully Australian owned and managed company.
Tridon says its leading production processes, investment in automation, state of the art equipment and focus on innovation has given it the competitive edge in quality, reliability, and pricing.
Precision manufacturing is essential for a quality hose clamp and Tridon says it achieves this through advanced tooling designed and built by its team of engineers.
It explains this allows control and consistency of free torque, performance, and specifications.

The importance of Hose Clamps
Tridon says its hose clamps are the ultimate choice when it comes to sealing the vehicle’s vital fluids including fuel, oil and of course coolant.
All of these are under pressure and dangerous if they leak, so fitting a high-quality hose clamp is the reliable and safe option.
Engineered with features and benefits that combine to create the most reliable and user-friendly hose clamp on the market, Tridon says its products are demanded by the trade.
Relative to other vehicle components, a hose clamp is a low-cost purchase, but its importance should not be underestimated.
The hose clamp is responsible for sealing the vehicle’s vital and volatile fluids in extreme conditions.
These fluids are under high pressure, can be flammable and are exposed to massive temperature fluctuations.
So, to keep a motor vehicle running safely, you simply cannot afford a failure.

Continuous improvement
Passionate about quality, safety and the environment, Tridon says it subscribes to the well-recognised International Standards of ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001.
It explains this commitment requires comprehensive yearly inspections, testing, accountability and traceability inherited from IATF16949 Tier 1 Automotive QMS.
Tridon’s approach to acting responsibly towards the environment is also evident in recent improvements such as the upgrade of sites with solar panels that generate over 70 percent of its electricity demand.
Tridon also has a brand new, highly efficient compressor system that reportedly saves more than 30 percent electricity in manufacturing.

Buying Tridon
A variety of packaging options are available to suit workshops, trade stores and also retail.
Tridon explains that it also occasionally promotes hose clamps in bundles of popular sizes with a bonus giveaway which it says is always something to look out for.
More than just Hose Clamps
Tridon Australia has a broad and diverse range of premium products to support the aftermarket.
The range includes wiper blades; thermostats and gaskets; automotive caps; engine management components including ignition coils and vehicle sensors; heater fan resistors and flashers; and relays.
Tridon explains that its philosophy is to have a complete range of high-quality parts for all vehicles.
It states its focus is on premium quality products and premium brands; and in addition to the Tridon brand and product ranges, Tridon is the exclusive distributor of Toledo specialty tools, Sykes-Pickavant premium workshop tools, Matson battery accessories as well as leading German brands including Knipex and Rennsteig.

Distribution and capabilities
Tridon has branch and warehouse facilities in key locations around Australia and New Zealand.
Tridon says this ensures products are closer to customers for faster delivery and allows Tridon to provide local customer service support.
When you purchase a Tridon product, Tridon says you are supporting an Australian business and receiving “a premium product that will not let you down.”

For more information, visit or contact Tridon on 1300 362 263.