The belt-driven reversible starter generator delivers hybrid functionalities in the packaging of an alternator

As the regulations on CO2 emissions and pollution become stricter worldwide and a growing number of consumers turn to more ecological offers, carmakers and equipment suppliers are faced with the need to develop products that are more sustainable.
Valeo says it has successfully risen to the challenge of increasing the performance of vehicles driven by internal combustion engines, while also reducing their fuel consumption.
Its Valeo 48V Belt Starter Generator is fitted in the engine in place of the alternator and turns the vehicle into a MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle) – bringing hybrid functionalities in the packaging of an alternator.
The Valeo 48V Belt Starter Generator replaces the alternator to recover energy while braking and electrically boost the engine.
This 48 Belt Starter Generator is composed of a DC/DC Converter to bridge and balance 12 and 48V networks.
A 48V battery pack is added to store more energy, and a Valeo Electric Rear Axle Drive is added to allow full electric drive and all-wheel drive mode.

Key features and benefits:
• Recharges the battery to assist the engine and to supply power to the vehicle’s equipment.
• Assists the engine when the vehicle is driving at a constant speed (on main highways, for example) in order to cut fuel consumption.
• Delivers a boost effect to the engine when accelerating.
• Allows the car to be in 100 percent electric mode over short distances.
• Mechanics don’t need specific tools to replace an iBSG product.
• Provides additional torque to the engine to assist engine transients during short acceleration phases or to slightly assist engine during long phase.
• Regen, Boost, Coasting and Electric Drive functions are available.
According to Valeo, the iBSG system has now been fitted on several hundreds of thousands of vehicles, including Asian and European vehicles.

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