Precise, fast and efficient headlamp alignment correction

Valeo has introduced its new Valeo Regloscope which it says makes it easier for mechanics to check and correct headlamp alignment.
The precise adjustment of the alignment of headlamps is essential to avoid dazzling other road users and to comply with regulations.
Garage floors are not always perfectly flat and a dedicated area is sometimes necessary to avoid making inaccurate measurements.
Thanks to its Flex Set modules that are placed against a front wheel and a back wheel of the vehicle, Valeo says its Regloscope Pro measures the horizontality of the floor with a laser and calculates the necessary compensation.

Accurate lighting settings for any type of technology
With its 1.80 m mast, the Valeo Regloscope Pro can be adapted to all car and truck headlamp heights in order to correct the settings of all types of lamps (fog lamps, low-beam lamps and full-beam lamps) that use existing (halogen, xenon) and emerging technologies (LED, matrix).

Significant time-saving
Valeo says its Regloscope Pro is so easy to use and efficient that you will be able to increase the number of vehicles you can work on in a given period of time.
It states this is a definite economic advantage, for both in-house workshops and truck garages

Proven added value for customers
As technical check-ups become stricter, complying with regulations is essential. Valeo says lighting is one of the top three reasons for failing a technical check-up that demands a second verification (along with tyres and brakes).
The Valeo Regloscope Pro performs a complete diagnostic of the lamps in less than five minutes and prints out a diagnostic report.
The system is also instructive, because if an adjustment is necessary, it produces a pre- and post-adjustment report that explains the need for the operation and proves that the problem has been solved.
Valeo says this clear and detailed report highlights any hazardous parameters, in comparison with the optimal settings.

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