For Professionals

Valvoline says its chemicals help deliver maximum value to workshops by providing professional grade consumables to automotive services.
In Australia, Valvoline has been in operation for over 120 years servicing the automotive aftermarket with an array of high-quality lubricants and specialised solutions
From maintenance products to cleaners, Valvoline says these are essential products any workshop must have.
Valvoline says its Professional Series products improve preventative maintenance services by offering advanced technologies to protect systems and maximise operational life.
Such Valvoline chemicals have been designed to give workshops the ability to improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction and add value to your business by generating incremental workshop revenue.
Valvoline says it offers a great range of high-quality technical sprays that work as problem solvers and has introduced six new products into the range.
These preventative maintenance and workshop consumable chemicals have been imported from Europe to service the local market.

Introducing Valvoline’s new range of preventative maintenance products:
• DPF Cleaner 400ml (Part Number: 877070): Valvoline DPF Cleaner is a tool to loosen and remove ash deposits in diesel particulate filter systems, without disassembly.
• EGR Cleaner 500ml (Part Number: 877071): Valvoline EGR Cleaner is an exhaust gas recirculation cleaner to dissolve deposits in the EGR valve, air intake system, manifold and inlet valves. It can be used to restore air flow to the engine, improve power and acceleration as well as help reduce exhaust smoke.
• AIRCO Cleaner 500ml (Part Number: 877067): Valvoline Airco Cleaner is a high-quality cleansing foam to condition and optimise the function of the air conditioning in a vehicle.

Introducing Valvoline’s new range of workshop consumable products:
• Ceramic Grease 500ml (Part Number: 877055): Valvoline Ceramic Grease is a metal free ceramic grease, to treat parts which are subjected to heavy workloads and/or exposed to very high temperatures. It is suitable for ABS brake systems, lambda sensors, brake parts, exhaust parts, screwed connections which are exposed to high temperatures.
• Contact Cleaner 500ml (Part Number: 877066): Valvoline Contact Cleaner is a spray to clean electrical contacts. It is suitable for switches, batteries, contact points, printed circuit board switches and multiple sockets.
• Gasket Remover 500ml (Part Number: 877063): Valvoline Gasket Remover is a spray for fast and easy removal of dried adhesives and seals, as well as hardened sealing materials in cars and machine parts. It is suitable for use in cylinder heads, gearboxes, exhausts, crankcases, sanitary fittings, water and oil pumps and electro engines.

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