Innovative new container means no more mess while improved labeling helps customers identify which oil they need

Generally, oil comes in bottles and it needs to be poured into the engine. A seemingly simple task, however doing this without spilling, glugging, missing and messing has challenged oil changers since oil changing began.
Valvoline says the solution to messy oil changes was to develop a new bottle design that dealt with the issue of glugging and spilling while utilising better ergonomics to make the physical task of pouring oil into the engine easier.
In order to develop the bottle, it took Valvoline and its partners three years and 41 prototypes before the final design was approved.
The Valvoline Easy Pour bottle was developed utilising the following features:
• Wide Neck – the 45mm neck allows for the easy flow of oil. A bigger neck allows enough oil to stream out in a steady flow without glugs or spurts to make pouring more accurate and efficient.
• Ant-Glug Tube – built into the top of the bottle, the Anti-Glug Tube is a key feature of easy pour technology. The tube allows air to flow back into the bottle, creating a smooth continuous stream of oil with every pour.
• Centralised Handle – using a perfectly placed centralised handle, it seamlessly aligns the bottle’s centre of gravity. This facilitates easier handling and one-handed pours.
• Advanced SynPower labelling system – finding the right oil is now even easier with the new labelling system. The label has been decluttered and now contains only the oil grade and primary application. By using coloured caps and coloured panels, the synthetic oils are now grouped into identifiable categories based on their applications.
An added benefit of the bottle is that it is easier to pour in restricted spaces as the bottle is more stable, it can be held with one hand and does not require as much physical movement to complete the pour.

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