Valvoline says a better, faster, cleaner pour is coming

Valvoline says it has been busy re-designing the engine oil bottle to create what everyone looks for when changing engine oil – a smoother, cleaner, pour.
By focusing on minimising mess, Valvoline says it has incorporated ergonomic handling and a colour co-ordinated label and cap system – to make identifying oil application easy – to create ‘Easy Pour,’ packaging which provides maximum protection from glug and mess without compromising performance.
Available across the SynPower full synthetic range, the new Easy Pour packs will be rolling out in stores from November.
Valvoline has also expanded SynPower to include Easy Pour products for newer vehicles that come through for a service.
Now, you can manage your workshop inventory by accessing new 5L packs of SynPower for newer vehicles that come by for a service. The new SynPower line-up includes products that reflect the modern Australian car park and various formulations meet the stringent regulations and performance standards required by manufacturers and global industry bodies today.

Wide 45mm Spout
The new Easy Pour design features a wide 45mm spout to allow the easy flow of oil from the bottle. The wide spout allows enough oil to stream out in a steady flow without bursts or spurts to make pouring engine oil more accurate and efficient.

Anti Glug Tube
The new Easy Pour bottles have an anti-glug tube built into the top of the bottle. This technology allows for air to flow back into the bottle, creating a smooth, continuous stream of oil with each and every pour.

Centralised Handle
Handling the bottle is no longer a contest with the perfectly placed, centralised handle. It seamlessly aligns with the bottle’s centre of gravity, making carrying the bottle and one-handed pours easier.

Advanced Labelling System
Finding the right oil for your car is now even easier. The new Easy Pour bottles display the product application and oil grade prominently on the front, while a colour-coded label and cap allow you to easily differentiate between the product applications on shelf.

For more information, visit or call Valvoline’s sales team on 1800 458 237.