Reset your expectations on what an engine oil can do

Engine oil in today’s market is about slowing the inevitable engine aging process by reducing friction, helping to prevent wear and deposit formation, and resisting oil breakdown – until now.
Valvoline says it has revolutionised a way to reset expectations on what an engine oil can do, with its new premium full synthetic engine oil, Valvoline Restore and Protect.
It states the “first-of-its kind innovation” removes up to 99 percent of engine-killing deposits with continuous use, restoring engines to run like new while protecting against future damage#.
Valvoline states that other synthetics that claim to clean engines simply capture carbon from the combustion process but Restore and Protect does even more.
As soon as an engine is cranked for the first time, critical parts of the engine start building up deposits, accelerating aging and reducing its life.
Restore and Protect actively cleans engines, helping return pistons to factory clean conditions with continuous use#.
To achieve this, Restore and Protect features two new breakthrough innovations, Active Clean technology, which actively removes damaging deposits, and Liqui-Shield, which is engineered to protect engine surfaces against future deposit formation.

Why is removing engine deposits important?
Piston deposits rob your engine of horsepower, fuel economy, and engine life.
An engine contains countless metal surfaces, including cylinder walls, pistons, piston rings, camshaft lobes, bearings, timing chains, and many more.
These metal surfaces are constantly interacting and moving next to each other as the engine is running.
A clean metal surface is crucial to minimising friction between these metal surfaces, ensuring optimal power while maximising fuel economy.
Deposits and varnish inhibit the formation of the oil film on the metal surface and can prevent anti-wear additives, detergents, and friction modifiers from forming an effective protect layer.
Deposits and varnish also insulate metal surfaces and do not allow heat to be removed effectively, leading to higher engine operating temperatures (which can lead to even more deposits).
With Restore and Protect, when used as directed, it actively restores pistons, decreasing the likelihood of the negative implications fuel, water and combustion by-products create.
The results are clear
Valvoline explains that its Restore and Protect has been tested in the Valvoline Engine Lab against the toughest conditions.
It states all the data showed fewer deposits, less varnish “and results no other engine oil could produce”.
Further, it says Restore and Protect provides 79 percent greater wear protection versus industry standards*.
Valvoline says these results sees Restore and Protect “ultimately transforming the automotive landscape and demonstrating Valvoline’s unwavering dedication to pioneering innovative solutions.”

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# Up to 99 percent piston deposit removal when used as directed for four or more consecutive oil changes at standard maintenance intervals. Based on adapted sequence IIIH testing.​
*VS. GF-6 qualified oil.