Address rear suspension wear and tear with Nolathane

With the release of the ZB Commodore it is hard to believe that the VE Commodore is just on 12 years old from its release in 2006.
The VE model took on what is formally known as the Zeta chassis but best technically described as a multi-link independent rear suspension.
This ZETA system meant a tripling in mounting points from the previous generation VR-VZ Commodore IRS system and with fingers crossed Nolathane says it hoped a tripling in servicing and repair work.
Nolathane says it is happy to agree that Holden (from a chassis engineering stand point) did a very impressive job on the rear suspension system specifically bushing service life and longevity, clearly outperforming the first IRS Commodore in this area.

But now 12 years on and with kms on the odometer, ‘carthritis’ is starting to present itself in the VE chassis and Nolathane says it wishes to call out some key servicing items for mechanics to lookout for in the rear suspension as follows:
• 49169 Rear Subframe Insert – Nolathane says this kit dramatically reduces rear cross member misalignment and movement which allows a more positive feel from the rear end during cornering.
• 46263 Rear Control Arm Bushing – suffering uneven tyre wear, unbalanced braking or a less predictable rear end while cornering? It could be your control arm bushings have failed, says Nolathane.
• 42707 Rear Sway Bar Links – knock, knock, knock! That’s the sound you hear when your sway bar links are not doing their job. Links are a common service item due to either worn or over compliant bushings/ joints and possibly bent or snapped centre bodies.
• 49167 Rear Diff Mount Bushing – driveline clunks, shudders on take-off are all symptoms of worn diff mounts. Nolathane says its clever design and superior material formulation delivers unrivalled durability, performance and that as new feeling.

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