The company is finally setting up shop in Australia and its team says they could not be more excited

After a year and a half of dipping its toes into the crystal blue waters that the Australian Market has to offer; Vibrant Performance are finally opening an Australian Warehouse.
For 25 years the team at Vibrant Performance has worked hard to continuously define its brand as an industry leader in Exhaust, Intake and Fluid Delivery Components.
From humble beginnings in Ontario, Canada, it has grown worldwide, developing a name, and moving into various areas of the market, including Private Label and OEM production.
Vibrant Performance offers a wide range of products, including Titanium, Cooling, Exhaust, Tubing and Bends, Fluid Delivery, Clamping Systems, Silicone Hoses, Clamps and Air Intakes.
Its products span a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Marine, Exotic, Diesel and Off-road applications. From fabricators to performance workshops, exhaust specialists and automotive retailers, Vibrant Performance says it has something for everyone.
As it continues to grow in the Australian Market by opening its first warehouse outside of North America with a full-time inventory, Vibrant Performance says it will be looking to its customers for insight in developing specific products to suit the local market.

For more information, visit or contact Vibrant Performance Australian Regional Sales Manager, Aaron Brookes on or 0406 222 803.