Available from Kangan Institute

Kangan Institute is one of Australia’s largest automotive training providers and since 1994, has been delivering VicRoads Licensed Vehicle training.
This training currently takes place at Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE), conveniently located at Docklands in Victoria. Some courses are also available online.

About Licensed Vehicle Testing
Although vehicle owners are responsible for keeping their vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition at all times, roadworthiness testing is undertaken to help minimise the possible hazard to road users including buyers of used vehicles where the vehicle may be in a potentially harmful condition, often without the owner being aware of it.
A certificate of roadworthiness issued by a licensed tester is certification that a vehicle meets the roadworthy requirements and is fit for use on our roads.
Automotive business directors and their staff can undertake the accredited training to upskill as well as diversify their business’ income stream.

Courses available:
Light Vehicle Licensed Vehicle Tester: this course incorporates how to carry out a Roadworthy inspection in a thorough and efficient manner. This is done by demonstrating and following a logical inspection sequence, and the correct inspection techniques and application of VicRoads Standards and Regulations. Participants who successfully complete the course receive an examiners’ accreditation card and certificate.
Heavy Vehicle Licensed Vehicle Tester: this course is based on the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual (NHVIM) to provide a consistent test/fail guideline for Heavy Vehicle Inspections. Examiners will use the NHVIM to inspect and test a vehicle using the HV Examiner manual with the current equipment required under Licensed Vehicle Tester Licence conditions.
Motorcycle Licensed Vehicle Tester: this course applies the standards relevant to the inspection of Motorcycles for roadworthiness, using all of the relevant VicRoads Standards and Regulations, and a full understanding of the liabilities and responsibilities for an authorised examiner when inspecting a Motorcycle, and issuing a Certificate of Roadworthiness.
Light Bus Tester Technical Examiner and Heavy Bus Tester Technical Examiner: the Bus Tester courses cover the accreditation component for participants to be aware of and understand their responsibilities in examining Small Buses (SB) Less than 4.5 Tons or Heavy Buses (HB) More than 4.5 Tons in in accordance with VicRoads requirements.

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