Victorian Liberal Party promises to fund an industry-led Future Vehicle Panel to facilitate EV service and repair training

Victorian Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, Craig Orndarchie, has announced he will set up an industry-led Future Vehicle Panel to facilitate EV service and repair training if the Matthew Guy-led liberal party gains power at the upcoming Victorian state election in November.
“I want to announce this morning that if a Matthew Guy government is elected in Victoria later this year, we will be granting the AAAA the sum of $3 million to lead, develop, deliver and coordinate extensive EV training, particularly to regional and rural Victorians across this state,” Ondarchie announced at the recent AAA Expo.
“I will be appointing a Future Vehicle Panel and I’m expecting industry and the AAAA to be a part of that panel that will drive the decision-making.
“The problem that all sides of government have had around the country is that they make policy decisions and then take it out the back and say ‘what do you think?’ Here’s a novel idea, why don’t we go and ask the market first before we make these policy decisions?”
Ondarchie insisted that the AAAA be involved in the process of bringing the service and repair industry up to speed when it comes to EV training.
“The answer for you guys is to get a role at the table, don’t sit back and wait to be asked. The industry collectively should be asking itself how do we make sure that it’s not all about climate change, it’s about protecting our industry,” Ondarchie said.
“I do want the AAAA to be involved because I am worried that if you are not, the consumers are going to suffer because some people are going to try to corner the market, if we don’t have enough skilled labour around.”
AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, thanked Ondarchie, whom he described as a true ally during the recently won Mandatory Data campaign.
“I’m just blown away. Not only is that an amazing commitment, it is the first commitment of any state or federal government as a part of an EV strategy that focuses on training and skills and us being able to prepare the service and repair industry, so thank you,” Stuart said.

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