For its state-of-the-art VW, AUDI and SKODA training centre

MAHA Australia introduced its range of ZS Square in-ground two post lifts around five years ago.
Since then, MAHA Australia says the lifts have gained significant momentum in the segment, partly due to the solid and practical design.
MAHA explains that its German made in-ground two post lifts have been installed around the globe for decades and state they continue to stand the test of time, proving their reliability.
Volkswagen Australia has recently installed ten MAHA ZS Square two post lifts into its state-of-the-art training centre in Melbourne.
These units will be used to conduct important technical training of Volkswagen dealership technicians from all over Australia.
MAHA explains that there are various advantages of MAHA ZS Square in-ground lifts over conventional two post lifts, such as the fact that when they are not in use, there is the option to completely recess the entire lift into the floor and so provide the user with unobstructed work space and use of the valuable workshop floor.
Further to this, MAHA says the vehicle doors can be open without hitting posts and the life expectancy of the lift is over 30 years in a busy dealership situation.
The ZS Square achieves its rigidity with a square sheath over the hydraulic cylinder, allowing a square to be more rigid than a cylinder. MAHA lifts have an over two metre lifting height thanks to its offset square lifting posts.
The hydraulic lifting rams are mounted inside these posts to protect them from dust, debris and foreign objects which could cause damage.
Available from 3500kg up to 6500kg capacity, MAHA’s range of in-ground lifts carry a two-year warranty with parts available locally in Australia.
There are also no cables, bushes, pulleys or mechanical components to adjust resulting in high reliability, low on-going service and maintenance costs, says MAHA, which states another advantage of the ZS Square is that it doesn’t need to be installed during a new workshop build, as they can also be retro-fitted to an existing workshop if required.
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