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The Australian-made Dayco Powerbond harmonic balancer range, part of Dayco Australia’s vast automotive aftermarket portfolio of premium quality products, includes applications for high performance and racing vehicles.
The Dayco Powerbond Street Series delivers bonded balancer technology within the budget of every performance street engine builder “from mild to wild”. They are also an excellent option for heavy duty OEM balancer replacements, says Dayco.
The bonded dampening rubber in every Dayco Powerbond Street Series balancer eliminates spinning and component separation providing reliable performance in engines used to 6,500rpm.
These balancers combine new high strength SG (Nodular) Iron Balancer centres and inertia rings, which have been bonded and balanced to extremely tight tolerances. To assist automotive technicians and enthusiasts, Dayco Powerbond Street balancers also feature easy to read permanently etched timing marks on the outer ring.
The Dayco Powerbond Race Series brings the advantages of bonded balancers to high revving race applications where an SFI approved balancer is required.
Every Race Series Powerbond balancer features a precision CNC machined AUSI 1045 forged steel hub bonded to an equally strong steel inertia ring.
Dayco says this highly advanced design ensures that Powerbond Race Series balancers are extremely light for an all-steel product. In most cases they are only marginally heavier than the original cast iron balancer and generally much lighter than other all-steel balancers available in the aftermarket.
In addition, the steel inertia ring of the Race Series models is positively protected against forward and backward movement and has the assurance of bonded rubber to eliminate spinning. In addition, every model has easy to read laser etched timing marks. All Powerbond Race series balancers meet SFI specification 18.1.
The Dayco Powerbond Underdrive balancer is a smaller and lighter harmonic balancer that acts like a lightweight flywheel which under-drives the accessory pulleys to reduce parasitic power losses from the alternator, air conditioning, water pump and power steering at high engine RPMs. This enables sharper throttle response, increased horsepower and improved fuel economy.
Dayco Powerbond Overdrive balancers are suitable where a supercharged engine requires more boost. This is achieved by increasing the diameter of the harmonic balancer which in turn increases the speed of the supercharger.
Dayco Powerbond overdrive balancers are available as five percent to 18 percent bigger in diameter and also feature an eight-rib serpentine drive for maximum belt grip. Dayco Powerbond supercharger balancers offer twin keyways for secure crank mounting and have extra bolt holes for bolting on the factory pulley or six bolt Gilmer drives.
Dayco’s Powerbond range also features power pulley kits for a complete heavy-duty fitment of under driven harmonic balancers. Under drive harmonic balancers are smaller in diameter and require smaller drive belts on fitment. These kits are designed so all the necessary components for fitting an under-drive harmonic balancer are supplied in one kit.
These kits include an under driven Race specification harmonic balancer, a full set of Nuline idler and tensioner pulleys and premium quality Dayco Poly V drive belts for quiet running, minimum belt slip and reliability over a long service life.
If you have customers whose HSV models are powered by the 6.2 Litre LSA V8 engine, Dayco offers a number of direct fit, high performance Powerbond harmonic balancer solutions to significantly increase horsepower.
Dayco Powerbond’s all steel Race balancer has been designed with a separate bolt-on, CNC machined supercharger drive made from billet aluminium, enabling a five percent, ten percent, 18 percent, 22 percent and even 28 percent overdrive pulley to be adapted or changed for up to 8psi increases in boost.
These all steel, SFI Certified race specification Dayco Powerbond harmonic balancers have been designed specifically for LSA specification, supercharged engines.
Dayco Powerbond also offers the aftermarket separate LSA engine bolt-on supercharger pulleys in five variants to generate more boost. For bolt-on supercharger pulleys that enable 18 percent or more overdrive boost, Dayco Powerbond also provides an idler pulley relocation bracket to allow for supercharger pulley drive clearance.
Dayco Powerbond also offers the aftermarket a complete performance pulley upgrade kit for HSV GTS, Maloo, Clubsport and Senator 6.2 Litre LSA engines.
The kit includes all components needed by repairers, performance tuners or DIY enthusiasts to gain more boost from these engines using premium quality, purpose engineered and locally manufactured components.
These include a Dayco Gold Label W profile supercharger belt and the preferred Dayco Powerbond race specification harmonic balancer (from five boost variants ranging from five percent to 28 percent) and an idler relocation bracket (if required).
The Dayco Powerbond harmonic balancer range and pulley kits by Dayco represent excellent replacement and performance enhancing opportunities for automotive repairers, performance and tuning specialists along with motorsport competitors, it says.

To find out more, call Dayco Australia customer service on 03 9794 4466 or visit www.dayco.com.au