Adrad extends its range

Adrad has recently added a collection of high-quality ignition coils, modules and coil packs to its extensive parts range.
It explains Delphi and Valeo coils are backed by over 100 years of collective ignition system experience, delivering reliability and long service life.
Adrad says these manufacturers are globally recognised for their OE and aftermarket expertise and have applied their knowledge to include advanced design features to their ignition products.
Testing has reportedly proven these superior parts meet the demands of modern vehicles and their construction using quality material ensures longevity. It states Delphi are known to use high-grade materials for superior dielectric strength, insulation and durability.

Why do ignition coils fail?
Over time, vibration and overheating will cause damage, leading to premature failure or reduced engine performance (rough/uneven idling), excessive exhaust emissions and increased fuel consumption.
Good quality is essential to withstand high temperatures and voltage as well as comply with the fitment requirements found in modern engine designs.
Low quality or poor construction coils can result in a myriad of problems, such as overheating, low spark strength, shorter spark duration, and ignition system damage.

Modern demands on coils
Technology in vehicles continues to evolve rapidly. Delphi and Valeo ignition coils are designed to suit compact engine space, adapt to tighter emissions regulations, deliver fuel economy and cope with higher voltage.
Delphi’s proprietary steel core design allows the wire winding to be directly applied to the core, while smart engineering processes have streamlined electrical pathways to the spark plug.
High quality components have also permitted steady voltage using controlled wire lengths and quality coating, to deliver optimal engine operation.
Delphi and Valeo have created a smaller compact design, resulting in fewer materials and tighter coupling to the electromagnetic circuit.
The result of this efficient energy delivery is enhanced fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Installation tips
Adrad says taking care with correct instalment will help avoid comebacks and ensure satisfied customers.
Firstly, if you notice any damage to the coil such as a cracked housing, broken anti-rotational tabs or a broken connector, do not use it.
Secondly, never remove or disassemble the boot from the coil, as this can result in engine misfires and RFI noise due to a lost spring or compressor.
Finally, do not apply or spray any non-approved material onto the high voltage tower or electrical connectors. Doing so may jeopardise seal integrity in the tower and create electrical shorting or high resistance at the connectors.
These quality ignition parts are now available from Adrad distributors across Australia.

For more information contact Adrad on 1800 882 043.