No matter your vehicle or driving style, RDA Brakes says its products will stop you

RDA Brakes offers an ever-expanding multi-tier range of brake pads and one of Australia’s largest brake rotor, drum, shoe and pad ranges.
The three-tier range accommodates different vehicle types and driving styles, from every day to performance and even light commercial.
All RDA Brake pads are backed by an 18 month, 30,000km warranty.
RDA Brakes explains that its GP MAX Brake Pad offers the latest in low-metallic technology and composition for everyday general driving, providing a responsive pedal from cold to 450°C.
Meanwhile, the Phantom Brake Pad range uses the latest ceramic fibre technology and composition for low dust and quieter operation, giving a responsive pedal from cold to 550°C.
There is also an Extreme Heavy-Duty range for towing, 4WD, and light commercial applications. They are tested to provide pedal response from cold to 600°C.
Also in the RDA Brake catalogue is a robust range of replacement rotors which incorporate features you would see from OEM manufactured rotors, says RDA Brakes.
The RDA standard replacement rotors are finished with RDA’s GEN 3 Anti-Rust coating which increases surface rust resistance on non-braking areas.
Not only does this corrosion resistant coating provide exceptional protection long after fitting, but it also saves time and money during fitment, says RDA Brakes.
This corrosion resistant coating means the rotor is not coated in the typical thin oil that requires removal using an additional brake cleaning product. RDA rotors are ready to be fitted straight out of the box.
All RDA rotors are heat tempered to ensure longer life in the metal composition and structure and ground finish to enhance initial brake performance.
This trusted and comprehensive range is not limited to recently released vehicles but also includes vehicles dating back to the 50s.
RDA Brakes products are available through NAPA Auto Parts and accredited dealers.

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