Ironman 4×4 has developed a Load Calculator to estimate the additional load applied to a vehicle

When first kitting out a vehicle for work or play, many drivers do not consider the additional load applied.
Any heavy accessories or towing loads added to the vehicle change the handling and overall safety when driving. Couple that with uneven surfaces and off-road conditions, and drivers may find the original equipment suspension can no longer take the strain. 
Upgrading the vehicle’s suspension when carrying load can be the difference between a comfortable enjoyable ride or a harrowing experience. But knowing which suspension kit suits the vehicle requires knowing how much load has been applied to the vehicle, both temporary and constant.  
Ironman 4×4 has aimed to make this easier for the everyday driver with the Ironman 4×4 Load Calculator.
The calculator uses a simple questionnaire to determine what the driver has added to the vehicle, including the weight of the passengers. The questionnaire covers all forms of common vehicle accessories, down ball towing weights and how those loads break down as a percentage of weight applied to each axle. 
The result from the Load Calculator provides the driver with an estimated load for the front and rear axles of the vehicle and suggests an appropriate spring selection to enhance the performance of the vehicle. 
Ironman 4×4 recognises that each vehicle requirement is different and the vehicle’s springs must be matched to the load for optimum ride height and body control. This serves as the first step in finding the right suspension kit for the driver.  
Ironman 4×4 says it offers a range of springs and suspension kits to match the additional loads applied, whether they are constant or temporary.
“Ironman 4×4’s suspension kits have continued to evolve over the 65 years of suspension experience,” Ironman 4×4 Suspension Director, Kristian Ristell, said.
“We know that there isn’t one solution to fit all driving styles and conditions, so we have designed our suspension range to be tailored to the individual.”
The wide range of kits and components are available across the country at an Ironman 4×4 distributor.

For more information, visit www.ironman4x4.com