Those behind the product say it delivers “the Meguiar’s professional advantage”

Every time you step on the anchors, the brake rotors shed iron dust.
This hot iron dust embeds itself into the wheel’s painted surface. The vehicle’s paint, plastics and glass also suffer a similar build-up from iron fallout – simply from driving around in traffic.
These stubborn particles are mighty hard to budge during regular washing. Typically, you can’t see them, but rub your hand across the surface and you will definitely feel them.
The high-cling, gel formula of Meguiar’s Wheel and Paint Iron Decon product reportedly breaks down and dislodges iron contamination from wheels and painted brake components, along with paintwork, plastics and glass.
You can even see it working – it turns purple as it reacts with the iron. It also contains chemistry to help remove road grime and grease and being pH-balanced, is said to be gentle on all surfaces.
Meguiar’s says its Wheel and Paint Iron Decon is a great wheel cleaner and paint decontamination product in one, stating it is “no wonder it’s a favorite of professional detailers around the globe.”

Meguiar’s All Season Dressing
When it comes to a great tyre dressing, you want it to be long lasting so that it doesn’t wash away the first time it rains; low sling so it doesn’t end up plastered all down the side of your car; and have good UV protection to resist fading to keep your tyres looking better for longer.
Meguiar’s says its All Season Dressing ticks all of those boxes and much, much more, stating its product produces a deep, rich and long-lasting shine on tyres along with all exterior rubber and plastic surfaces.
Meguiar’s All Season Dressing is a ready to use product and is designed to attain great coverage while being non-greasy.
It can be sprayed directly onto the surface or accurately applied via a cloth or applicator pad for zero overspray.
In addition to being a fantastic tyre dressing, Meguiar’s says its All Season Dressing is ideal for keeping black plastic body moldings, skirting, wheel arches, wheel wells and mud flaps all looking a million dollars, stating “Meguiar’s All Season Dressing really does it all!”
Meguiar’s says the bulk sizes of the Meguiar’s Professional Detailer range represent remarkable value, making them ideal for workshops, professional detailers, prosumers or keen hobbyists with a shed full of gleaming toys.
The Meguiar’s Professional Detailer range is available from select Repco and Autobarn stores.

For more information, please visit www.meguiars.com.au