Interequip wants you to ask the question

As Holden closed its car-making-facility in Australia and stopped local production of cars for cost reasons, Interequip says the same strategy occurred with many hoist suppliers.
It says while hoist suppliers might have had brands already well-established over the years with truly solid manufacturing in USA, Australia, or Denmark and so on in the past, many big brands have now chosen to manufacture their products in China.
Interequip says this same situation is occurring for many manufacturers of wheel service equipment (such as tyre changers, wheel balancers and wheel aligners) which is claimed to be made in Italy or the USA, but the real production is occurring in China.
Because of this Interequip says to avoid disappointment, you should always ask where your hoists and wheel service equipment are made before you pay premium dollar.
The company says it has a vast range of vehicle hoists on offer, from the useful two post hoist to the common four post hoist as well as specialised scissor lifts and wheel alignment lifts.
Interequip imports three levels of different quality and pricing to cater for customers with different budgets: the BP40M is made in China as an entry level product; the Elite series is made in China by a quality factory which manufactures OEM lifts for a premium brand; and the Powerrex hoists are made in Korea with a much higher cost as well as Korean craftmanship and Korean-made parts.
This approach of various levels of imports also applies to Interequip’s wheel service equipment, including tyre changers, wheel balancers and wheel aligners.
“When we say they are made in Italy, M&B Engineering and Vamag are truly 100 percent made in Italy and quite famous in Europe,” Interequip Sales Director, Alex Visser, said.
“Customers usually find Italian made products are indeed better quality with a slightly higher price tag than Chinese made products.
“In saying that, there is nothing wrong with products made by premium factories in China. We can also supply our BulletPro range BP816, BP800, BP409, BP75L tyre changers and wheel balancers and VH8 moveable 3D aligner.
“What is very wrong is if a company told you something is made in the USA or Italy when it is actually made in China. We are proud and honest about what we import and we are always straight forward with customers, especially when it comes to where the products are made.”

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